Udated 30 November 

The Hoxne (Coronavirus Self-Isolating) Volunteer Group

Aka The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group


Eye Health Centre Twice Weekly Medication Collection

Since it's inception, The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group have supported patients of Eye Health Centre by providing a twice weekly collection service. Our volunteers have delivered directly to those patients who were self isolating whilst other patients have been able to collect their medication from The Village Shop. After operating for nearly 9 months, the The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group have decided, after 4th December 2020, not to continue with this service.  We would like to thank Joan at The Village Shop for her assistance in enabling us to offer this support.


However, we understand the twice weekly run every Tuesday and Friday will continue in exactly the same way starting 8th December 2020 but organised by a member of the public.  

The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group is still active and will continue to offer support to anyone who is self isolating due to COVID 19.


Fressingfield and Stradbroke Medication Collection 

Our volunteers have, since the group started, also been supporting patients registered with Fressingfield and Stradbroke Health Practices. 

There will NO CHANGE to this system which will continue as previous. 


Thank you, The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group, 01379 668241

Group members will continue to offer support to the villagers of Hoxne who are self isolating until further notice. If you feel you need support, either telephone the contact named on the leaflet delivered to you in March or contact Gill O'Connor, 01379 668241. Thank you.



•    The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group has been formed and many villagers have volunteered to offer their support.

•    Although the group is not Parish council led, Sarah Foote, (clerk to the council) is, on behalf of the Parish Council, being kept informed of all group activities. 

•    Volunteers’ details have been recorded and they have agreed to share those details with all other members of the group. Confidentiality is paramount. What is shared within the group, stays within the group. This applies to information obtained about volunteers and villagers who may be receiving support.  We are aware that we may be holding sensitive information. Spreadsheets with volunteers’ contact details have been produced and emailed to all volunteers. 

•    A Privacy Policy statement has been produced.

•    Leaflets have been designed and printed.

•    The village has been sectioned into areas, each area or route is supported by a team of named volunteers led by a named co-ordinator. Volunteers have distributed leaflets to every household in Hoxne, providing the name and contact details of a volunteer who may be contacted in the event of support being required. Spreadsheets with route details have been produced and emailed to all volunteers. 

•    The aim of the group is to offer support to any resident of Hoxne who is self isolating, unable to go out, and who has no other support, in order to obtain and deliver essential supplies and medication.Volunteers must be very clear about the support they and the group can offer. It must be specific and, although we will endeavour to do our very best to meet every request, we are not an emergency service and our resources are limited. 

•    Eye Health Centre: A system is in place for collection of medicines. See below.

•   Fressingfield/Stradbroke Centres: A system is in place for collection of medicines. See below.

•    Food Bank: It is agreed that The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group will store non- perishable provisions donated and deposited at The Old Vicarage until required. The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group ‘Food Bank’ will be co-ordinated by Carmel Searle who will liaise with The Waveney Valley Food Bank at Eye and our group co-ordinators for any requests. These provisions will be for emergencies only and for those people who are unable, for one reason or another, to pay. When the Coronavirus Crisis is over, it is agreed that all stock will be donated to The Waveney Food Bank at Eye.

•    Bank Account:Two applications for funding are being made, (1) to The Parish Council (2) to Babergh and MSDC Communities Team. If successful, any money granted to the group will be deposited in a bank account which will be managed by Sharon Knights. Withdrawals from this account require two non-related signatures. Other money donated to the group towards the cost of essential provisions and medication will also be controlled by Sharon who will keep records of all income and expenditure, including any money loaned to purchase essential supplies and medication.

•    Records: Forms have been produced to record all support offered and any action taken. It is recommended that these forms or any other appropriate method of recording is used to safeguard both group volunteers and villagers who are being supported.

•    The aim of The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group is to support any person living in Hoxne who is self – isolating and without any other means of support to obtain essential supplies and medication. Volunteers should not give the impression of being nor be viewed as being an emergency service. Our remit is quite clear. In the event that any volunteer feels under pressure to perform outside of this remit please make it known, so that this can be made known to the Social or other Services who have the experiences and resources to ensure continued support.

•   Administration: Administration is currently the responsibility of Gill O'Connor and Sharon Knights.

•    hoxne.net is owned and managed by Gill O’Connor and supported by Richard Whiting.

•    When offering support do not put yourself or others at risk. Ensure someone knows your intended route and destination. Keep a safe distance from those who are self – isolating. Do not enter anyone’s house on behalf of the group. Keep a record of any requests for assistance and the action taken.




For Hoxne residents unable to collect medicines from Fressingfield or Stradbroke surgeries because they are self-isolating, a group of volunteers is able to help. Please note that the surgeries now require 4 days notice of repeat prescriptions

If you require medication to be collected from either Stradbroke or Fressingfield surgeries, please provide the following information to the Helen Macdonogh who will liaise with the volunteer group:


1. Your name

2. The first line of your address

3. The surgery from which your medications need collecting

4. If you pay for prescriptions, you will need to confirm this when contacting Helen and then be able to provide payment of the correct amount in a sealed envelope for volunteers to take with them.

5. If you are under 60 and have an exemption this will need to be stated as the pharmacists will ask.

Please note that volunteers cannot discuss prescriptions with the pharmacists on your behalf.

Medications will be delivered to your home address – volunteers will knock at the door, wait for a response and leave your medication where it is accessible. They will not enter your property and will always stay at a distance. If you do not answer, medication will not be left. A second attempt to deliver will be made and if this is also unsuccessful, medication will be returned to the surgery.

Helen Macdonogh Tel: 01379 669331




1. If you would like your medication delivered to Hoxne Village Stores please tell The Eye Health Centre. Also tell them if you are self-isolating and your medication will be delivered to your door.

2. Prescriptions from Hoxne Village Store will be collected every Tuesday and Friday around lunchtime.

3. Prepared medication will be collected from The Eye Health Centre every Tuesday and Friday around 3pm

4. It will be the responsibility of the individual patient to complete any ‘exemption from payment’ e.g. over 60. 

5. One off prescriptions will be handled in the same way.

6.Eye Health Centre is asking patients who pay for their prescriptions, to place the exact amount of cash in an envelope and attach to the prescription.

7. It will be the responsibility of Eye Health Centre to deliver any controlled drug by a member of their staff.

8. Please note that volunteers cannot discuss prescriptions with the pharmacists on your behalf.

If medication is delivered to your door, volunteers will knock at the door, wait for a response and leave your medication where it is accessible. They will not enter your property and will always stay at a distance. If you do not answer, medication will not be left. A second attempt to deliver will be made and if this is also unsuccessful, medication will be returned to the surgery. Iain Gibson is the co-ordinator.


The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group is an informal group of local people who have agreed to offer help and support to local residents during this period of extraordinary concern and restriction; we have no formal charter or constitution. We may contact you with a view to offering assistance, which you have every right to ignore or refuse. Any information you provide must be given freely, with the understanding that as an informal group, we have limited resources and abilities to manage data securely.

Your privacy is very important to The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group. Protecting the personal privacy of everyone in our community is crucial to gaining and keeping your trust in us. We recognise your privacy is a right and will take as much care as we can to respect that.

This Privacy Notice serves as a statement of our commitment to protecting the security and privacy of your personal data. It also aims to inform you about how we collect and use your personal data for the purposes of providing support and assistance.

Personal Data and Communication

The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group would like to be able to contact you in order to collect information regarding your circumstances so that we can assess your situation and offer what support we can if you are in need. Communications may be verbal, by telephone or email and occasionally in writing. By default, some personal data must be collected and shared with the group’s volunteers. For example, we may hold information such as your name, address, email and telephone contact details. It may also be necessary for us to keep a record of your support needs and any other vital information required in order for us to provide the appropriate assistance. By asking for services and support from The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group you recognise that we must collect, hold and share your data as necessary so that we are in a position to provide help should you need it. This includes any information you give to us when you fill in forms or provide us with notes of what you need.

Our Promise

With any personal data that we hold:

• We will protect confidentiality and restrict the use of such data to necessary support activities only.

• We will use personal information only in such ways and for such purposes that would be reasonably expected in accordance with this policy (e.g. to enable us to provide support and assistance).

• We will not sell your data to any third parties.

• We may sometimes share your data with outside agencies where
appropriate, e.g. the emergency services. We will ensure that any third parties given access to your data are held to strict standards for data use and security.


The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018 and impacts every organisation which holds or processes personal data relating to an EU citizen (including UK citizens). It supersedes the Data Protection Act (DPA) and introduces new responsibilities, including the need to demonstrate compliance, more stringent enforcement and substantially increased penalties.

The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group is committed to high standards of data security and information non-disclosure.

We seek to identify all critical data that we hold and ensure that it is treated in accordance with the required legislation. We will continue to monitor our use of your data and our procedures for doing so. We comply with our obligations under applicable privacy laws by keeping personal data up to date; by storing and destroying it securely; by collecting and retaining only the necessary data that we need to provide our service to you; by protecting personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure and by ensuring that appropriate technical measures are in place to protect personal data.

How We Use Your Data

If you have given us your consent, we will contact you with information and updates. This includes information about our potential support. We have a legal obligation to comply with requests for the disclosure of personal information where this is required or permitted by law. Requests submitted in accordance with and meeting the relevant legal requirements will be validated through proof of identity before any disclosure is made. We may share your personal details with the emergency services in extreme situations such as an accident or medical emergency, if it is essential for the preservation of life (yours or another person’s) for us to do so.

No personal information will be kept in perpetuity. We will keep your personal data for no longer than reasonably necessary for the given purpose for which your data is processed. Notwithstanding the above, we may retain your personal data as required by applicable laws and regulations, as necessary to assist with any government and judicial investigations, to initiate or defend legal claims or for the purpose of civil, criminal or administrative proceedings. If none of the above is grounds for us to keep your data, we will delete and dispose of your data in a secure manner according to our data protection policy.

If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you may file a complaint with us or with the Information Commissioner’s Office

(https://ico.org.uk). However, we would appreciate the opportunity to deal with your concerns before you approach the ICO, so please feel free to contact us in the first instance should this be necessary.


We collect details from e-mail messages you may send to us. This may include:

• Your email address

• Your name

• Your contact details, e.g. telephone number(s)

Within The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group our policy is communicated by email to ensure that all volunteers are aware of and compliant with these requirements.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by advising Gill O'Connor


Update 31st March 2020 

The Hoxne (CSI) Volunteer Group registered with

Community Action Suffolk



Update 28th March 2020 


The village of Hoxne has set up its' own voluntary group, ready to jump into action to support any parishioner in the village who is self - isolating or vulnerable during this current crisis. By now, every household (over 400) in our village, will have received a leaflet providing a contact name and number. If you are unable to leave the house our volunteers are there to support you. ARE YOU SELF - ISOLATING AND NEED HELP? If you can't get out, we will come to you. None of our volunteers will ever ask to come into your house. 

We can collect your prescriptions

  • We can deliver your medication
  • We can pick up and deliver your shopping
  • We can 'phone you for a chat
  • What we can't do is give you a reassuring cuddle, but we could stand by your window and wave!