Sunday 20th October


We have just been notified that people in a white transit van were parked on the drive of a house along the Denham Road.  When the owners returned home the occupants of the van claimed to be builders. Unfortunately the registration number could not be taken. The police have been informed. These people are not local.  Be alert. Any further sitings please let us know at

Thank you










Missing Cat – Can you please help!!


He was last seen on the public footpath opposite The Swan, Low Street on Friday 12th July in the late afternoon.

Ted is half Siamese and is 1 year old. He has a sleek black coat with no other colour markings on his coat, but he does have an uneven black patch against pink, on his upper palate (only seen when he yawns!).  

Ted has green/amber eyes, black whiskers and a long slender body. He is an elegant cat with a typical Siamese walk.

He is vocal, very friendly and knows his name – He usually ‘comes to call’.

Ted has been neutered and is microchipped. He wasn’t wearing a collar when he went missing.

He may have been sighted in Nuttery Vale a couple of times and we know he would roam over the river (Chickering Beck) towards this area.

He’s also been known to cross the Goldbrook, as they converge in our neighbours’ garden.

These are the most recent photographs of him. We’d dearly love some information about him dead or alive!  If he’s been taken in, found another home, or if he’s ‘adopted’ a new family then we’re quite prepared for that.  If he has met his demise and someone has dealt with it, we’d also like to know.  It’s more distressing, the not knowing

Our telephone number is 01379 669188.  My mobile is 07828122839.

Many thanks, Jane Williams










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